Tips to Not “Lose Your Self” When Having a Baby

My life changed the moment I held Baby Bear in my arms for the first time. Suddenly, I had a little one to look after. I had to feed him every few hours, change him, cuddle him, love him… help him sleep! Life was suddenly very different.

Different, but still good 😊 I had to learn to adapt, because although I was still the same person, everything in my life had changed. So, here are my tips to keep you feeling like YOU after you become a mom:

Accept that things will change.

You’re not going to look and feel the exact same. Your body, your mind, your schedule will be different. It’s okay. It’s better to accept this than continually fight against it.

Embrace the journey of having a newborn ~ because no matter how tired or happy you are, it will only last so long, then your baby will grow. So lean into the change, embrace it, it’s all normal!

Give yourself time to adjust.

Everything will feel off at first, until you find a good rhythm. Look at it like moving ~ you’re in a new house, a new town, maybe even a new state!

When you move into a new house, you give yourself time to get used to where everything is at. You give yourself time to figure out how to get around town, and how to dress for the weather. Give yourself time to adjust to life with a new baby, just like you would if you were moving!

Prioritize your favorite hobbies.

When you get some free time, do the things that make you feel the BEST. No, not mindlessly scrolling, but your real hobbies. The ones you’re passionate about. The ones that leave you smiling.

For instance, I don’t scroll on social media, but I do read and blog. Prioritize the hobbies that uplift you! You can even pick your favorite TV shows and watch them a few minutes at a time 😊

Involve the baby when you can.

If you enjoy reading, read to him. If you enjoy singing, sing to him. My little BB is getting a concert tonight ~ I’ve already set up my guitar next to his play pen 😁 When it is safe and appropriate, just involve your little one into your hobbies!

And on the hard days, you can just chill and watch some TV together. That still counts as together time!

We love Wheel of Fortune… and Barney.

Maybe not every day, but every week.

I used to sit down daily to do my makeup for an hour. I no longer have that luxury. However, on Sundays, I let my husband hang with Baby Bear while I take about 20-30 minutes to do my makeup.

It’s a nice little break that feels like me, without ignoring my tiny one. The rest of the days, I’ve figured out a minimal-makeup routine that I can do in about 5 minutes, which also keeps me feeling like me!

Embrace your new self.

We are constantly changing. Remember going from a child to a teenager? And from a teenager to a young adult? Well, same thing becoming a mom. You’re still you, just a little different!

And now you have a mini-you along for the adventure that is life!

Yes, there are many changes along the way, and that’s totally okay.

So don’t you worry about a thing! 😊



Take care and God bless!

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. Wonderful tips for new moms! I love the picture of you two in the play pen together. I do this with my son too! Happy Mother’s Day!

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