If You Like, Then Try: Christian Music 1

I’ve been super into Christian and worship music lately, which is something I never thought I’d say! I’ve been a Christian for 5 years now, and I never could figure out how to change my worldly, secular music for Christian or worship music.

Now that I’m diving in a lot more and getting to know Christian music artists, I’d like to share who I’m listening to in a new series called: If You Like, Then Try.

It’s inspired by those old “Eat This, Not That” books 😁

Except my series is good for the soul 😇

So let’s dive in!!!

If you like Sarah McLachlan, try Shannon Wexelberg. And I say this as a (former) HUGE Sarah McLachlan fan!

If you like Sarah McLachlan, try Shannon Wexelberg.

Both of these ladies have amazing voices, ethereal music, and wonderful lyrics. To me, they fall into adult contemporary and pop. Similar, except that Shannon Wexelberg sings for the Lord.

Listen to the full album on YouTube.

I hope this blog has been helpful if you’ve been looking for Christian and worship music. I’m stoked to do more of these in the future! 😊🎉

Do you have a secular artist that you love? Maybe I can find you a substitute! 😄

Take care and God bless,

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿

Bye, friends! We’ll see you next time!

Thumbnail image by Lwcy from Pixabay


  1. I love Sarah McLachlan’s music so I’ll have to check this recommendation out.

    It’s always nice when there’s music that allows people to express and explore their faith through song and lyrics.

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