My Goal is to NOT Buy ANY Clothes for A YEAR

Why? Because I was decluttering a bit, getting rid of some clothes I bought but never use, feeling good about donating them to the local thrift shop… Then I saw a documentary* that showed where my donated clothes end up ~ no, not to the racks, as only 10% of the clothes donated actually make it to the sales floor ~ but to places like Haiti. This kills their local clothing/textiles economy, and not only that, but most of the stuff is just junk that ends up in their landfills anyway.

Wait. Do you mean to tell me that my donated clothes end up as trash, cluttering and polluting the lives of the less fortunate? Mmm, yes.

(Not to mention the horrible ways in which fast-fashion clothes are mass-produced…)

I don’t want to be part of that at all ☹️

How am I going to do this? Well, with sheer willpower and gratitude! You see, I already have a lot of clothes. Take a look at my closet!

my closet

I think that to the average person in the U.S. this might look small. But in there are several leggings, 24 skirts, 14 dresses, dress shirts, short sleeve shirts, sweaters, 4 pairs of jeans, and comfy t-shirts. Not to mention socks, undergarments, lounge pants, shorts, and a few cardigans. I also have my Colorado winter coats downstairs and both casual and formal shoes, for hot or cold weather, also downstairs.

That. is. a. lot!

I took some inventory of my wardrobe, and I’m embarrassed to see that I have A LOT. But I don’t use a lot. I don’t need to buy more.


In my 20’s and until mid-2022, I always had walk-in closets FULL of clothes on all sides. But the funny thing is, MOST of the clothes went unused. I stuck to my few favorite outfits, and forgot about the rest. That’s a waste.

And I don’t want to waste.

To me, being grateful to God for what I have isn’t just words in a prayer anymore. No, I’d like to SHOW God that I’m grateful for what I have by using what I have and not rushing to buy more, more, more all the time!


I remember when I didn’t have a lot of clothes as a teen. What I did have, I treated with care. I wore my clothes happily, because I made sure to pick stuff I REALLY liked (when I only got 2 new shirts and one pair of pants for the entire school year, you’re darn right I was picking out what I liked the best!).

I didn’t have a lot of clothes, and when I wanted “new” outfits, I got creative. I mixed and matched. I scrunched up shirts, or tucked them differently, or layered. I got creative, and that made me love my clothes even more! I actually felt very fashionable in my teens 😎

Why did I lose that creativity and joy?

Ah, I fell into the trap of consumerism.

After my teen years, I had money, so why not spend it? That was my thinking. But I don’t want to think that way anymore. Interestingly enough, I don’t usually want more, unless I watch YouTube hauls. Then I get to thinking I don’t have enough preppy clothes, or kawaii clothes, or dark academia clothes, or whatever my new fashion interest is.

But I do have enough.

SO! I’m going to make this commitment to not buy any clothes for an entire year!

I’m going to blog my progress over time as I venture into this new challenge I’ve created for myself 😊 I’m actually hoping to downsize just a little bit more, and to wear the clothes that I do have and enjoy them! And if I totally fail, I’ll let you know ~ but I’m actually feeling really good about this goal at this time 🥳

How is your own relationship with your clothes?

Thanks for reading! Take care and God bless,

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿

* Source: The True Cost documentary on YouTube. 🚨Trigger Warning🚨 this documentary can be hard to watch. There is abuse, death, and upsetting content throughout.


  1. This is a great goal. I have had the opposite problem. For so many years I didn’t buy any clothes and just wore sloppy T-shirt’s and old clothes that were worn out because I was a SAHM and couldn’t justify buying clothes. So my current goal is to build a cute wardrobe so that I can not buy clothes for a while.

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  2. I love how neat and tidy your closet – and living room too – looks. And you look like you have plenty to go with in your closet.

    Maybe it’s cuz I’m a guy but I don’t have much clothes either and I rarely buy new clothes unless there are holes in my clothes. Less is more indeed and best to use our hard earned money on other things.

    Good luck with your challenge!

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    • Thanks! I’ve been trying to declutter and minimize overall 😊 And funny you say that, I asked my husband one time why there’s not many men’s clothes at the local thrift store. He said because men wear their clothes until they fall apart 😁 Hehe Thank you! I agree, less is more 🙌

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  3. I wear the same stuff until I wear it out. I’ve had some items for decades. Funny thing is: I used to make fun of my dad for this. Guess I’ve somewhat become him now!


  4. Honestly, I’m on very good terms with my clothes. Many years ago, God helped me be thankful for what I had and that fit, the He taught me to pray if I had an item I needed. It’s been a huge blessing. My faith has grown through the countless moments God provided for my needs, whether He showed me a used item or someone gave me something or I found a new item in my price range. My favorite part is being able to share the stories with others when they ask “I really like your ____. Where did you get that?” It gives me an opportunity to praise God. I hope your year of no new clothes is a blessing in more ways than one. 🤗

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  5. Loving this! I have the same goal myself. I am currently doing a no spend challenge, and it has taught me that I can truly live with less. And I am still just as happy, possibly even more so. God is the great provider and I have really been blessed by just being content in what he has already given me.

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  6. I don’t buy clothes often, I do give things away. Nathan and I watched this entire video and it is intense. I have been to many of the places where clothes are made and it is truly horrible. I thought the economic guy at the end could have offered solutions rather than just bash capitalism. Everyone is living for themselves today, very few care how their actions affect others. Thanks for this post.

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    • That’s great that you’ve seen it too, and I definitely agree about the guy at the end. I was shocked throughout. I didn’t know about a lot of that, and in college I was told that sweatshops are actually good 🤦‍♀️ I do buy too many clothes. Or at least I used to. I’m sticking to no buying anything for at least a year, then looking for clothes made in America. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Hope you and Nathan have been doing well, God bless!! 😊❤️✨

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  7. I love all of this!
    I had my weird phase in my teens but couldn’t actually wear anything gothy because my mum regulated, then tried to fit in during my 20s and become more of a socially acceptable human as I simply wasn’t a very good person growing up – not caring enough and kind of entitled.

    In my 30s I found that I had socialised myself sufficiently to the point that I could care again about doing things just for myself and so I went about leaning back into my weird phase, which included modifying my wardrobe very intentionally.

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