How to Save and Collect Breast Milk When You Leak

Breast milk is immensely good for babies, and many moms have to work hard to produce just a few ounces. I know I did. I wasn’t even sure if I could breastfeed those first few times I used a pump, and I would look into the bottles and see *maybe* one ounce ☹️

But I kept at it, and after a while I started to produce a good amount of breastmilk for my little one 🥰 Then I kept running into the same issue…

Baby Bear would latch to one breast, and the letdown would happen on both breasts, leaving one side of my shirt soaked with wasted breastmilk 😭 Not good!!

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I realized that I was wasting way too much breast milk ~ milk that my little one needed. So, I did some searching and…

Then I came across this amazing product!

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The Mommyz Love Breast Shell & Milk Catcher was super easy to use, the directions easy to follow. I simply placed one shell on the opposite breast from where Baby Bear was drinking and voila! The breast milk that leaked was collected safely in the shell. Then I placed it in a bottle and saved it for Baby Bear to drink later 😊

It surprised me to see that I had been leaking a pretty significant amount of milk. With this product, I was able to save all that breast milk, and I am so grateful for that 🥰 The package came with two, which was convenient, and they were easy to sanitize along with our baby bottles.

If you’ve been having the same issue I had, I hope this product helps you to collect and save that precious breast milk for your little one!

Take care and God bless,

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿

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Thank you for being part of my blog! 🥰

Image by Kate from Pixabay


  1. My son did this to me. It wasn’t fun. Unfortunately, even if I did collect and store the milk from the other side, he only fed from the breast so it was wasted anyways. But it’s so good to know there are products out there to help out moms in this situation.

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