Favorite Emoji and… My Notes!

Daily writing prompt
What are your favorite emojis?

My very favorite emoji is the teddy bear 🧸 but I’m not sure everyone can see it. My second favorite emoji is this squid 🦑 because it looks like he’s going “woo hoo!”

Church Notes: Jonah

Anyway, it is Sunday, so I thought I’d share some of my church notes with you 😊

  • To start over with God, BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE. Don’t worry about changing first, or doing something first, just start where. you. are.
  • When you run from God, He runs to you.
  • Jonah’s “start over” point was when he was at his lowest, in the stomach of a whale.
  • Jonah cried out to God in his distress ~ and God heard him.
  • If you need a do-over, just cry out to God WHEREVER YOU ARE!
a little messy handwriting…

Take care and God bless,

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿

Thumbnail image by Digital Photo and Design DigiPD.com from Pixabay


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