My Adventure

Jot down the first thing that comes to your mind.

Traveling (or Adventure) in my current season of life means my motherhood journey, homemaking, and living a Godly wife life ❤️

It doesn’t require moving from place to place, but navigating a much calmer, sweeter life at this time.

There are lots of joys and new experiences, they just don’t have to do with the outside world, but with our inner world, and it is wonderful! I’m having so much fun 🥰 Traveling from self-centeredness to selflessness, from outer achievement to the home, from my own point of view to seeing life anew through the eyes of a little one 😊

Oh, and it snowed today. Can you believe it??

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. I believe it! <first thing that came to mind about snow. : ) Second is "Traveling from self-centeredness to selflessness" something that resonated with me and came upon that line of thought in fiction fun Christian book I read last month or so.. made me think, if I too need to travel from as well. Very nice photos (✿◠‿◠) God bless!

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  2. It’s nice to meet you again after your blogging break. I had wondered what happened to your old blog.
    Congrats on being a mom! I love your point about the transitions from the old you to the new you. It’s what parenting is all about. Look forward to following along with your new adventures!

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    • Same here, glad to see you again, my friend! I had forgotten the name of your blog ☹️ so I’m glad WordPress recommended it to me 😊

      Having a child changes everything, and in my opinion, for the better ❤️ Can’t wait to read your blog too and see how T has been growing 😊 Take care!

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  3. Lovely post. I couldn’t agree more about the adventure of motherhood. And just a sneak peek, it’s yet another beautiful journey with grandchildren! God bless you and yours.

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