20 Best and Most Useful Baby Shower Gifts

Hello, friends! Today I made a post that I wish I had seen, back when it was time for me to shop for baby showers. Looking back, I have not gifted very useful things… Now that I’m a mom, I know what gets tons of use, and what doesn’t. These are ALL items I have used and love 💖 A lot of them aren’t cutesy, but they sure are useful!

Note: I’m an Amazon Associate now, yay!! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This is at no extra cost to you. Just click on any image and it will take you straight to the product page. Thank you!

Here are 20 stand-out and actually useful gifts!

~ Low price $5-10 ~
• moisturizing hand wash (mom and dad will be washing their hands a lot!)
• tinted lip balm to help mom feel pretty 🥰
• baby board books
• bottle drying rack, this is the one I have and LOVE:

• bottle washing brushes
• simple baby toys, crinkly toys, cups, stackable rings. My Baby Bear LOVES these because they have so many fun shapes and colors:

~ Medium price $15-30 ~
• A nice stretchy breathable swaddle
• baby clothes for 3+ months (usually everyone gets newborn clothes, but they are outgrown rather quickly!)
• Baby Aquaphor

• Dr Brown’s or other anti colic bottles (check with mom first)
• waterproof changing mat
• diaper caddy
• sensitive baby wipes
• comfy socks for mom, grippy at the bottom are best!

~ High price $30+ ~
• Wipe warmer! I have been using mine for over a year and it’s still going strong! It often drops below $30, so keep an eye out. This is the one we have and use constantly:

• comfy bathrobe for mom
• diaper genie
• newborn or preferably size 1 diapers (same with clothes, newborns grow fast and they’ll need size 1 diapers in no time!)
• baby kick piano station
• bottle sanitizer. This one has been a HUGE time-saver for us, even though it’s a bit on the higher price side. It is well worth the money, in my opinion:

And as always…
• gift cards! Make them convenient, such as gift cards that can be used anywhere and at stores nearby. Also at the stores you know mom and dad love to shop at 😊

Did I leave something out? What would you bring to a baby shower?

Take care and God bless,

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿

Thumbnail image by Anne-marie Ridderhof from Pixabay


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