You Should Blog, Even if You Think Your Life is Boring!

What’s ordinary to you is extraordinary to someone else 😊🌺 You’re much more interesting than you think!

I follow the blogs of all kinds of people: Stay at home moms. Entrepreneurs People living in the US. People living in South Korea. I follow fitness instructors, minimalists, home declutterers, makeup enthusiasts, journal writers… All kinds!

All very interesting in their own ways.

And YOU are interesting, my friend, in your own special way. Your life is not boring at all 😊❤️

For real!

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. Well honestly
    Let me tell you why I follow you 👉🏻

    You give something very unique .
    I absolutely love your style, The images you add, the way of your presentation. And trust me, I enjoy reading your work always.

    Your site is so adorable, just how you do it 🤯

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  2. What an uplifting message to read on this Saturday!!! 💖 You know, I needed to hear this! My life consists of working from home…and that’s about it! Fashion, books, coffee, learning about new things on the internet and blogging is what makes my life so much less boring. And I continue to blog about my outfits and things that make me happy, even at times I feel like such a bore. Thanks for this reminder! And I truly enjoy reading your blog posts. Keep at it, champ! 😎

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  3. My life has been at once ordinary and extraordinary. I guess it’s an ordinary life in the hands of an extraordinary God. 😉
    I was always inspired by Erma Bombeck, who took everyday things we’re all familiar with and made us all laugh .. and sometimes cry. She was a treasure. ❤

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  4. I think we all have something to offer the world and blogging is honestly for everyone. I always encourage people to try it even if they feel like they don’t have much to share. Lovely post!

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  5. Such a great point! I tend to think I’m the most boring, average person ever (and in the grand scheme of things, I most certainly am) but my new team lead at work told me that every time I reveal something about myself, it’s something he’d never expected and that I’m such a mysterious, fascinating person ㄴㅇㄴ. Just goes to show how you see yourself and how others perceive you can be vastly different!

    And yes, I do enjoy all your perspectives, precisely because they are rather different from my own. You take the mundane and make it extraordinary. 💜

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