How I Taught My Baby to Drink from a Munchkin® Any Angle™ Weighted Straw Trainer Cup

We have it in green and also blue.

I waited until he was paying attention to me, and I drank from it.

Then offered it to him.

And he did the same thing I did.

Watching is learning!

I know! Super easy!! For us, it worked on the first try, but if your baby doesn’t get it, keep trying. I made sure we were relaxed, no pressure, and that he happened to be paying attention to me ~ not his toys or the TV. Worked like a charm. These cups are great to skip sippy cups and they are leak proof. For reference, he is 12 months old.

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. Great gadget for a growing boy! They need to make a version for retirees with liquid in the lining that pre-freezes in the freezer. I’m gradually going back to my childhood and I have my quirky preferences.

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