Moms, It’s Ok to do Nothing

Moms, it’s okay to do nothing.

Some days, all I do is walk slowly behind my little one while he explores the house. I let him be curious. I keep him safe. That’s it. That’s all!

Some days we sing more songs than others.

Some days we read more books than others.

Some days he just wants to crawl crawl crawl! And play with things that aren’t toys.

It is all okay 🤗

Let him count the diapers. Let him run free (with you behind him). We don’t always have to have a full schedule of activities, learning sessions, this this or that.

It’s okay.

Let’s relax 😌

Take care and God bless!

✿ Lovely Panda Mom ✿


  1. How cute! Enjoy these memories because they grow up so quickly. I miss those random days my boys would wonder around the house (safely) and play with random objects; banging the backs of saucepans with the ladle. My eldest loved me reading funny poems to him at night and my youngest had a stuffed bunny he would take everywhere with him.❤️❤️

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  2. What a wonderful dose of common sense! Sounds like your little guy is enjoying stress-free days that most adults would envy. When our granddaughter was little she loved to run, and often we would just walk (quickly) behind her on the beach as she ran and ran and ran … ❤

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